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Veterinary Test Kit Canine Pregnancy Relaxin RLN Rapid Diagnostic Test

Short Introduction

Relaxin is a specific hormone generated mainly by the placenta. It is usually used as an indicator of pregnancy status in female dogs. In pregnant dogs, relaxin can be detected from 15 days after the nidation of fertilized egg in the uterus wall. The Pregnancy Relaxin RLN Test is a rapid test to detect relaxin in bitches that may be pregnant. The suggested detection period is 22-30 days after mating. Too early detection may lead to a negative result when relaxin in serum is too low. It is suggested to repeat the test after 1 week if a negative result was observed.


The Pregnancy Relaxin RLN Test in dogs was based on the analysis of sandwich lateral flow immunochromatography. The test equipment has a test window for observing the test operation and the reading of the results. Before running the test, the test window has an invisible t (test) area and a C (control) area. When the treated sample is applied to the sample hole on the equipment, the liquid flows across the surface of the test strip and reacts with the pre coated monoclonal antibody.

If the concentration of laxin in the sample exceeds the detection limit, a visible T-line will appear. After applying the sample, the c-line should always appear, which indicates the valid result. In this way, the device can indicate the presence of laxin in the sample with detection limits above.

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