Bone Resorption Assay Buffer

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Useful for the research of skeletal metabolism This product is an assay kit for the measurement of bone resorption activity using a fluoresceinated calcium phosphate-coated plate (patent pending). The coated calcium phosphate is first bound to fluoresceinamine-labeled chondroitin sulfate (FACS), which is released from the calcium phosphate layer into conditioned medium by osteoclastic resorption activity. Bone resorption activity is evaluated by simply measuring the fluorescence intensity of the conditioned medium. This assayprovides a rapid evaluation system unlike that of the traditional pit assay

Features: 1) Bone resorption activity is evaluated simply by measuring the fluorescence intensity of the medium.

2) The fluorescence excitation and emission wavelengthsare identical to those for the commonly-used fluorescent dye, FITC.

3) Microscopic observation of cell morphology is possible.

4) Pit area analysis is also possible after removing the cells.

Ready to use, sterile components.