Mouse Complement Factor D (CFD) ELISA Kit

2nd May 2021

Mouse Complement Factor D (CFD) ELISA KitDLR-CFD-Mu-96TDL Develop96TEUR 661Should the Mouse Complement Factor D (CFD) ELISA Kit is proven to show malperformance, you will receive a refund or a free re … read more


27th Apr 2021

Among the many avenues in use to assure the health of individuals, cell therapy is probably the most promising avenue. This explains the many examples of cell uses in research projects around the worl … read more

Cell therapy and Regenerative Medicine

27th Apr 2021

Cell therapy and Regenerative MedicineEvery day, we are inundated with ideas that are hackneyed wrongly, but also rightly, about new medical approaches. After the mixtures concocted by grandmother, … read more


27th Apr 2021

 BIO-ENGINEERING PROJECTS Development of Intelligent Implants to Control Biofilm InfectionsDr. J. William Costerton (Center for Biofilm Engineering, MSU), Dr. Qiao Lin (Carnegie Mellon Unive … read more