DNA polymerases

DNA polymerase is the essential element of the DNA replication process, in which a double-stranded DNA molecule is copied into two identical DNA molecules. DNA polymerase “reads” the strands of existing DNA to create two new strands that match the existing ones. DNA polymerase adds new free nucleotides to the 3 ‘end of the newly …

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Research Tools

Cd Markers Non-Cd Marker      Anti-Bacteria    Anti-Virus    Immunoglobulin    Acetyl-Specific Antibody   Isotype Control   Antibodies Monoclonal Polyclonal Antibody Sampler Kit Immunocytochemistry Kit Phospho-Specific Antibody Methyl-Specific Antibody Acetyl-Specific Antibody Cleaved-Specific Antibody Immunoglobulin Tag Antibody Second Step Ab Loading Control Antibody Flow Cytometry Kits Flow Cytometry Solutions Flow Cytometry Kit Monoclonal Ab Polyclonal Ab Cleavage-Specific Antibody Protein – Peptide Peptide …

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